200,000 Bitcoins Found: Should bitcoin owners have more avenues to reclaim their money?

  • Yes, it is your money

    It is your money and you should be able to convert it and use it as you wish. There are hefty fees involved in the conversion and it is killing the popularity of the new currency. The market is extremely unstable, partially due to this issue. Most "easy" avenues have much higher fees.

  • No, There should not be more avenues to reclaim money from bitcoins.

    I do not think that there should be more avenues to obtain money from bitcoins. I feel that there are enough ways to reclaim money from bitcoins right now. I feel that there should be an increase in avenues later in the future when bitcoins become more popular and are used as main currency.

  • They bought into a scam.

    No, bitcoin owners should not have more avenues to reclaim their money, because they took part in an illegal operation and they should have to suffer the consequences. The Bitcoin owners chose to participate in something that was shady. They should have to learn a hard lesson and lose their money.

  • All On Their Own

    There are no rules, laws, or regulations governing online currency and Bitcoin only has value because those that use and utilize it find value in it. I do not believe Bitcoin owners need more avenues to reclaim their money. They should understand the volatility and understand the risk before investing in such a currency.

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