2009 arrest of Roman Polanski: Was the 2009 arrest of Roman Polanski justified?

  • Roman Polanski raped someone.

    He plied a thirteen-year-old with alcohol and Quaaludes and proceeded to rape her orally, vaginally, and anally despite her saying no to all of it and asking if he would drive her home. Even if she hadn't have been underage, it would have been rape. Even if they weren't drinking, it would have been rape. He then fled the country once he realized he was going to actually be charged for his crimes, and he deserves to be punished. Instead, he's lived a relaxing life making movies at his leisure and celebrities still have the gall to say it's sad he can't attend award shows he's nominated for.

  • Yes, Roman Polanski committed statutory rape.

    Roman Polanski was a grown man with a lot of influence in the world of Hollywood. He took advantage of an under age girl who was in his circle and had sex with her. An under age girl does not have the ability to say yes to such a sexual encounter. He raped her and that needs to be punished because it was a big abuse of power and to give a message to the world.

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