2009 US economic stimulus: Does the stimulus package contain mostly "good" stimulus?

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  • The 2009 stimulus was a way to rip-off the American people

    The 2009 stimulus, like most stimulus, was just a way of ripping-off the American people. Any good for the people would have been for projects to directly impact the American population a large. A good stimulus package would not go to benefit companies directly, it would go to the people of the United States, Stimulus packages like that in 2009 are a rip-off.

  • No the stimulus does not contain anything good in it and made the economy worse

    I think that the stimulus was a bad failure and made the economy worse when it was supposed to make it better. There is still many people looking for jobs who cannot find any, and the economy is showing no signs of improving any time soon. It was a massive mess of misspent money.

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