2009 US economic stimulus: Is adding to debt to stimulate the economy justified?

  • The Stimulus was justified

    I support the stimulus because I believe it helped with saving our economy greatly, we had to make the right choice of using that stimulus because if we didn't then we would've risked our country into another depression. As I understand that this added to our debt, it's better than doing this and keeping our economy a float

  • We shouldn't leave debt for our nations children to be greedy pigs

    If we keep adding and adding to our debt and we keep getting bailed out by China our children better start learning Chinese because they are going to own us. We need to be cutting down expenses not continuing to hand out more and more money so people buy more and more stuff they really do not need. If we'd stop sending our jobs overseas and stop buying only products made overseas that might really stimulate our economy and not just put yet another bandaid on a gapping wound.

  • Temporary relieve to a long-term problem

    Adding to the US national debt to stimulate the economy is bad economic policy. It can only be justified if there is a 100% guarantee that it would work, which is 100% NOT possible, as no one can predict with certainty how the economy will be at any given point. The element of human behavior plays a large role in economics. Between various aspects of the economy, from government regulations to actions taken by the Federal Reserve, the 2009 US economic stimulus only delayed the inevitable (as does other government intervention in the economy) and only makes any future economic catastrophe that much worse.

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