2009 US economic stimulus: Is the 2009 US economic stimulus package a good plan to combat recession?

  • Yes Stimulus helped

    Stimulus helped common man with more money spend at least on common and basic needs. This is necessary as common man was hurt badly due to loss of job, loss of equity due to economic recession. It is my opinion that stimulus made more money float resulting in better economy.

  • No, the 2009 stimulus wasn't as successful as it should have been

    No, the 2009 stimulus plan did not do all it could to combat recession. A stimulus package was necessary after the worst banking collapse in nearly 80 years. However, it was not applied appropriately. Naturally some of the stimulus money needed to go to fixing our troubled banking sector, but much more was required to get America on it's feet. We've spend the last 100 trying to make everything so efficient, and as a consequence there are fewer jobs in proportion. Instead of making the rich richer, we should have been putting more money into retraining programs, and lots of government funded research. Invest in tomorrow today!

  • Don't throw money at it.

    To fix an economy you don't wan the government to throw money at it, they are taking a chance when they do that they don't know how to make money they are not a successful business they are a money waster, in order to fix an economy we need time and trust in the people to fix it, basically stop taxing everyone so much so that people can spend, invest, and use money in the way that they want to and the economy will get better naturally.

    Posted by: GAF

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