2009 US economic stimulus: Is the "Buy American" provision justified?

  • Buying American will help our economy

    Buying American products will help boost out economy. The unemployment rate is high, and foreign trade, while saving us money on costs, has sent a lot of jobs away from America. Manufacturing has suffered and these jobs are needed by people, many of whom are low income even with them, and certainly without them.

  • Yes, the whole point of the U.S. Stimulus is to support U.S. Jobs.

    I believe that the "Buy American" provision is justified. The goal of the U.S. Economic stimulus was to create and maintain jobs in the U.S. Those jobs cannot be created and maintained if goods and services are purchased overseas. I support free market economies, but it is counterproductive for the U.S. Government to stimulate the U.S. Economy by encouraging people to buy non-U.S. Goods and services.

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