2010 US bank tax: Is it fair to tax banks and not auto-makers?

  • US Banks should be taxed in order to keep some of the money they usurp from customers circulating in the economy.

    U.S. banks are some of the most profitable businesses in America, and gain much of that profit by charging customers exorbitant taxes. Banks, therefore, should be taxed in turn in order to keep some of this money circulating within the economy rather than horded as bank profits. Since U.S. auto-makers and there downfall the ruin of many communities throughout the country, they should not be taxed so that they can continue to try to re-build by producing automobiles that are superior to those of foreign competitors and generate new jobs.

  • No, both banks and auto makers should be taxed.

    Any business that makes a profit should be taxed, whether it is an auto maker, bank or any other company. Non profit banks, like credit unions, should not be taxed, but big banks especially should be taxed for the record profits they continually make at the expense of the people at large.

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