2016: Curse of Celebrities with cancer? Or not?

Asked by: Noah.cavazos
  • There seems to be a pattern or something.

    This morning,I got confirmed news that British Actor for hitting big in films and theater,Alan Rickman(AKA Severus Snape and that one villian from Die Hard) has demised from battling with cancer yesterday.I'm beginning to notice a pattern, what the hell is going on? First Lemmy from Motohead,then David Bowie,and now Alan Rickman? Is there a curse for these celebrities or a low life expectancy of 69? And based on these observations,I can conclude that Cancer is the main impulse for these demises.All this world (or America) cares about is debt,presidential election,and violence instead of progressing the advancement in scientific medication and potential use to cure other diseases.I'm beginning from an optimistic view that the future now officially sucks.

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