2016 NFL playoff schedule: Are night matchups the best games to watch?

  • Night Lights are Best

    Yes, night matchups are the best games to watch. They are generally high-quality teams with records and huge followings. They are televised during a time when fans are available to watch and they are presented with all the fanfare due a great game. Nothing is better than a night matchup.

  • They're the night game for a reason.

    Night games like Sunday Night and Monday night football, tend to be the best matchups. The playoffs are no different. In the wild card round, the night game on NBC is the Steelers and the Bengals. This is a showdown between 2 division rivals with a strong dislike for each other. The other matchups, Seahawks Vikings, Chiefs Texas, and Packers Redskins, aren't nearly as intriguing as this one.

  • Keeps your husband out of your hair while he watches football

    Wives everywhere overlook how to utilize night games and I am here to wizen you up. Hard day at work, bad traffic headaches and an NFL playoff game is just the ticket to keep him occupied in, hopefully, a quiet way. I would add that if he is screamer as the game rolls on, well, you married him.

  • Not for international fans

    Being from the UK an night game means staying up until 4am because of the time difference. This obviously isn't ideal especially if you are working at 7am the next day. This instantly writes off Monday and Thursday night games. I stay up once a year for the superbowl. I wish there wasn't a late kick off game on a Sunday!

  • NFL has good variety with their game schedule

    Typically yes, night games are the prime games to watch, which is why these games are held "prime time". However, the NFL has so many good matchups this year that pretty much every single playoff game is a must watch, starting from the first week. So this year, even the afternoon games are great games to watch.

  • Night football game or just money makers for television?

    Night games for the NFL playoffs are toated to be the best of the best yet I believe that we are all fools for falling for this. The evening slot for the games are suppose to be the best to watch but have been let down recently. I feel that it is a way for the NFL and television to get the advertisment money and allow the viewers to be none the wiser.

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