2016, The Dallas Cowboys Have a 13-3 Season. Are They Making a Comeback?

  • Yes; the Cowboys overall record was bested only by the New England Patriots this season

    The Cowboys followed up a dismal 4-12 campaign with a 13-3 record and NFC East Division title in 2016, earning Dallas a first-round bye in the Playoffs. With rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott already considered one of the best in the game and plenty of other young talent, the Cowboys have a very promising outlook for years to come.

  • Dallas Cowboys good season, but not significant

    The Dallas Cowboys franchise is one of the most valuable football teams in the NFL. They always get a lot of attention each year, regardless of how well their season goes. This year's 13 and 3 season is good, but not as significant as it would be were it some other teams in the NFL.

  • They have strong players.

    Most importantly, the Cowboys have made a comeback because they have players that are able to play selflessly. Their second-string quarterback has never complained about a younger quarterback coming to take his place. It is that kind of selfless play that has enabled the Cowboys to make this comeback late in the season.

  • Yes, that seems to be the case.

    The Dallas Cowboys have had a tremendous performance. The recent streak of wins seems to suggest that they title contenders and we can only hope that the impressive performance will not stop. They have the highest number of wins and are currently on top of the table with only three defeats.

  • NO they are not.

    Look at there season in 2017. They didn't do anything, there offence and defense didn't live up to all the hype and look at there record. They didn't even make playoffs this year so no: they are not coming back looks like there are regressing in anything. They weren't even 50/50

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