• Yes, the Patriots will get the best players

    Yes, I believe that the New England Patriots will get the best players. Bill Belichick has a history of making wise and strong decisions when choosing players to join his team. Although the team may not get all of the best players available, they often choose players with great potential to be the best once trained.

  • No; the Patriots do not have a top 20 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft

    The draft order is based regular season performance; an NFL-best 14-2 record and Division Championship means that the Patriots will pick no sooner than the mid-20s, depending on how far they advance in the Playoffs. While New England does have a history of developing players from lower rounds into stars, the "cream of the crop" of the 2017 Draft will already be off the board.

  • They do not have good judgment.

    The New England Patriots do not have a history of making good choices with their draft picks. They tend to pick people who have star power, when they need to be thinking about the team and how things fit together. The Lions will do a better job picking this year, and the Cowboys always scout good talent.

  • The Patriots don't get the best players

    The whole deal with the Patriots is that they always get the best players FOR THEIR EXACT SYSTEM, and not just the best players available. In New England, the team comes first always, and many of "the best players" have egos that make them unsuited for New England's style of football. 2017 should be an interesting draft, but I expect the Browns and the 49ers to get the best players because they have so many needs.

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