24 Hours of Love: Should Courtney Love have been given the level of control she had over her MTV special?

  • Not as advertised

    It shpould of been as described, yet MTV pulled so so many of her video choises for not being relevant enough. I am a huge fan but also dont know how this deal/set up was even arranged as she was still dependant on narcotics .... Money making stunt and all down to promotion and strings being pulled and connections made through media. NO ONE can ever expect to have full control of the once beast mtv was. She was entertaining and got fans involved though, so kudos to her for that.

  • Love's creative control was the main attraction

    24 Hours of Love had the potential to be a compelling, unique piece of programming for fans of Courtney Love, MTV, and female-lead alternative music. Giving Love, a notorious force of personality, full control of which music videos aired as well as allowing her to take phone calls and conduct interviews was the special's core attraction.

    Unfortunately, MTV overrode her video choices at the last minute, aired currently successful Top 40 videos, and seemingly scaled back her involvement from the creative lead to a mere figurehead. 24 Hours of Love was a disappointment for both viewers and Love herself. If anything, Love should have had even greater control and the special could have lived up to its full potential.

  • MTV control everything that goes on their channel

    I think it is nothing what Courtney Love has done with her MTV special, she can decide what she want to do with her television recording. MTV can choose what they want to broadcast, and they did broadcast it because they knew it would bring the media attention it did all over the world.

  • Courtney Love is a hot mess

    Courtney Love has made a living out of using drugs, insulting people and wasting time. The MTV special was nothing but a self-serving, weepy, whinge fest for Courtney. If she bothered to learn how to express herself without chemical assistance, her life might just turn into something besides a train-wreck.

  • The level of control should be delegated.

    I think that it isn't fair that Courtney Love has all of the control when there are plenty of other people who could use a job and work. MTV is a booming network with many opportunities and Courtney Love is hoarding that from everyone else. Delegation is definitely in order.

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