3 killed after shot with crossbow: Should there be stricter laws placed on people seeking to own weapons that are non-firearm?

  • Yes, stricter laws need to be placed on the purchasing of any weapon including firearms.

    By implementing stricter laws on the purchasing of non-firearm weapons it can help ensure that murders with these specific types of weapons are greatly minimized. Gun laws have become a primary focus for many countries, however people are the ones who kill people and if they are able to get their hands on weapons such as a crossbow they will use them in place of firearms in order to commit their heinous acts.

  • No, there shouldn’t be stricter laws placed on people seeking to own weapons that are non-firearm.

    A few individuals were slain Thursday right after they were it seems that hit with a crossbow in Toronto. Right now there appears to be a great deal of misunderstanding on the topic of crossbow hunting. There are already crossbow restrictions that are surely in place for people who hunt.

  • Where does it stop?

    I can easily kill somebody with a baseball bat. Should there be a law against me buying one? Ditto with a kitchen knife, tire iron, and rat poison. There aren't enough regulations in the world that will stop people with hate in their hearts from killing others. While the crossbow incident is certainly a tragedy, a much larger tragedy would be to overreact to it.

  • Let's ban everything.

    All of this stuff is hilarious. In the area I live and worked everyone owns multiple firearms. Despite this, most of the murders I saw were committed with neither firearms nor bows. The majority were by....Hammer! Ban hammers! There's no end to this lunacy. Maybe we should just ban liberty and be done.

  • Stricter regulations on weapons does not work

    Many cities in the United States with strict laws on handguns and other weapons are among the most violent in the country. Countries like Germany that have tight regulations on all weapons have recently been revealed to be more vulnerable to terrorist attacks and violent crime. The tougher regulations on weapons do not work.

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