3-month limit on abortions: Presuming that some or most abortions should be discouraged, is 3 months a good cut-off?

  • Fetuses are not babies.

    It's as simple as that. There is no evidence that fetuses are 'people' besides pro-lifers acting like it. Would you pay money to support that mother that you just forced to have a child? If no, you are not pro-life, just pro-fetus. Why would you care about something that insignificant?

  • 3 month cut-off is a setting standard

    The 3 months cut off has been researched and analyzed by many researchers but not fully confirmed, meaning that setting the cut off will help prevent potential danger to both fetus and mother. Although in other cases, like medically, some doesn't even though that there is something wrong until their third semester, it's hard to decide the right cut off since there so many different cases. But if its a personal choice, 3 months is more than enough for the cut out, if anything it should be less.

  • Abotrion is fine

    It doesn't need limits, a womans choice is final, no one else should eb allowed to tell someone "we know you don't want a baby/you might not survive the birth/you were raped but you must have the baby, we don't care if you have an opinion, our word is final." That's the morally reprehensible thing to do

  • 3 months is about right.

    Sweden has a 12 week limit on free abortions, after that up to week 21 you have to apply for special permission. After that abortions are only carried out under special circumstances like there being too large a risk of the mother dying etc. I feel that this i a good example of how it should be done, there is enough time to make a decision, even one as difficult and unpleasent as this.

  • 3 months is enough

    At three months or just before the symptoms of pregnancy should be visible. After three months the foetus begins to resemble and form into a human being. Once a baby can feel, and having a beating heart then I believe that to be murder. Before three months, killing off cells is acceptable. People who preach pro-life need to look at the bigger picture, and take in account the needs and the body of the mother and her circumstances. Morally and ethically it may be wrong in their opinion, but a stranger online doesn't affect their direct life. They should preach about something else.

  • End of the First Trimester a Good Time for Abortion Cut-off

    Yes, presuming that some or most abortions should be discouraged, the end of the first trimester is a good point to discontinue the allowing of abortions. Since no one knows for certain when an individual life begins, a point at which the fetus is beginning to develop beyond a few cells is a good time to stop allowing abortions.

  • 3 months is enough

    Abortion is something that should broadly be allowed but needs sensible restrictions, and a 3 month cap is certainly reasonable. Allowing for abortions after that borderlines on the murder of infants, no matter what the fanatical abortion crowd would have us believe. Just because abortion is possible doesn't mean in every single case it is the best option.

  • Abortion is wrong

    Abortion is so cruel. 3 months or not, it is wrong no matter how you slice it. Check out this picture:
    Do you really think this isn't a baby? Do you think it can't feel pain? Check out this video:
    I am not for "3 month abortion" or any other kind for that matter. Its all wrong.

  • Look at Canada

    Canada has no limitations on abortion. It is seen more as a medical procedure, therefore it is granted at the medical discretion of the doctors who perform it.
    In Canada 90% of abortions happen in the first trimester. Those that take place later than that, usually happen because of complications that can pose a risk to the health and life of the mother, or can result in a non-viable fetus. Abortion should NOT ever have a "cut off" date.
    Such frivolous regulations end up doing more harm than good.

  • Abortion is wrong period.

    I think it shouldn't be allowed 3 months or not. The life begins once the baby is formed since it breathes and has a heartbeat. I believe God puts a personality in there as soon as the baby is made. Therefore, abortion is murder and has no excuse. If you didn't want a baby, you should have thought of it before you did the adult thing. If you were raped, pregnancy through the nine months is more proof to keep the raper in jail for a long time. No time, no excuse!

  • No arbitrary limits needed

    Arbitrary limits are a "feel good" measure that do no real good.

    There is no logical reason for a three month cut off. The fetus will not be able to sense pain or discomfort until sometime in the third trimester. It does not start to become viable until around that time as well. If any cut off point was "logical" it would be around that time.

    But I do not support any cut offs because of one very simple reason. I think abortions are always between a woman and her doctor and if they deem it the best option for her situation then their judgment should be trusted. I also think that not only should doctors be encouraged to follow their own personal morals in refusing to do elective abortions of healthy fetuses, it should also be considered medically unethical to needlessly abort viable healthy fetuses. So I think that by putting legal bans the result is harm those who are going through tragic loss of wanted or accepted pregnancies. Canada has no legal bans on abortion at any stage. Yet you cannot just go out and get an elective abortion of a viable fetus just for funsies. It's a serious procedure and you can only get it done a few places in the whole country and you could not find medical professionals to perform one. Their late term abortion rate is comparable to ours, if anything I think it's a smidge lower.

    So in conclusion we do not need any legal bans on abortion because it is an issue that should be left to the medical community to regulate. As is shown defacto bans work just as well as legal ones without the side effect of sometimes harming women in medically complicated and sometimes dire situations.

  • 3 months is not enough

    An overwhelming majority of abortions happen within three months. Those that happen after this are usually done for medical reasons. The mother's life could even be in danger. I know some radical people that would rather save an unborn fetus than a grown woman, but I'm going to give most people the benefit of the doubt and assume that they don't think that way. Limiting abortion to just three months would make it illegal to terminate pregnancies that endanger the life of the pregnant women. Also, abortions are expense, and poor women can't always find the money to get it done within three months. Or in some states, that have maybe 1-4 abortion clinics, finding the time and a ride to one can't be done within three months. I would much rather have abortions done as early as possible, but I understand that sometimes, that isn't always possible.

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