• It is rape...

    If someone 32 rapes a 7 year old, they should be punished. Maybe this is a question of gender, and if that is the case, yes women can rape, and women should be punished justly. There is no reason she should not go to jail, she committed a crime of rape.

  • 32 year old rapes child

    In this case, the 32 year old who raped the child should absolutely be charged with a crime. Age difference doesn't matter, nor does the ability of the victim have any bearing on if the perpetrator is charged with a crime. I cannot fathom any case where charges should not be laid.

  • Of course, the 32 year old lady has to be charged for the rape

    Alexandria Leanne Turner, 32, faces one count of first-degree rape, three counts of sexual contact with a child younger than 16 and three counts of sexual exploitation. She should be punished for this kind of heinous act so that she doesn't commit such crime again to another innocent child. She should be charged

  • Rape of any kind is wrong.

    Rape of any kind is wrong, and it is a serious crime. Rape is an even more heinous crime if it is perpetrated against a child. All people have the right to be protected by the law from harm perpetrated by another. Anyone who perpetrates a rape should be charged and fully prosecuted.

  • Why is this even up for debate?

    Any adult who violates the trust of a child should be charged. I find this behavior to be sick and inexcusable. It does not matter what happened to the adult in the past, as adults we shoudl know better and protect children, our own and other people's. She should not only be charged but lock up and the key thrown away,

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