35% of Billionaires Didn't Graduate From College: Is college the ticket to wealth?

  • Not necessarily the degree itself but the lesson college gives you

    College really pushes you to your limits. Pulling all nighters, having multiple assignments due on one day, managing an unreasonable workload, crazy deadlines and just unimaginable stress. If you own a company that is worth billions of dollars you're going to need to know how to meet unreasonable deadlines, have high expectations you must meet, collaborating with a group of people and working with their skills, pull all nighters working and of course handle copious amounts of stress. You're doing these things for years at college you eventually become a natural at it! I'm sure that 65% of billionaires didn't use their actual degree to become rich but maybe without their degrees they wouldn't have obtained the skills and perseverance they learned at college!

  • 813 out of 2325?

    ( ) if we look at this report which states that 2,325 people are billionaires in the world if 35% of them did not graduate that means still that 65% did. Furthermore the typical billionaire did not get there before 40 and is about 63 years old (http://money.Cnn.Com/2014/09/16/luxury/global-billionaire-report/index.Html?Iid=EL) so it seems to me, as only 60% of male and 17% of female billionaires are self-made that college probably is the correct route. Also the report only applies to bachelor's degrees, no "no" degrees, so it may or may not be functionally true that they have no formal education they just may have associates in something or another which could have sparked their idea. There is no data in either source that explains whether it was invention or convention that got them there.

  • No, a college education is not necessary to become wealthy.

    Success in building wealth has its origins through hard work, and a formal education. Almost one third of billionaires became wealthy from their own initiative, resourcefulness and risk taking. Although a college degree may help in becoming successful in life, it is not the only indicator for future success in life.

  • Education is overrated.

    I think that Formal Education is overrated. If you go to school, you are taught by about 100 old people whatever they know and then you are given a diploma.

    If you do not go to school, you are taught by about 100 old people whatever they know and then you are given blessings. You do not need a college education to be rich. There are plenty of people without a formal education that rich. There are plenty of poor people with college education.

  • You can create wealth without having to go to college.

    Many people have attended college and gotten wealthy from doing so. However, many people have also managed to get wealthy from not going to college; some not even completing all of high school! For example, Richard Bronson Founder of Virgin Mobile without having to go to college. You CAN create wealth without having to attend college, you just need to be motivated to do so.

  • No a college education is not the 'golden ticket' to becoming rich.

    As is proven by the fact that 35 percent of the world's billionaires did not attend, a college education is not the 'golden ticket' to becoming rich. To becomes rich you have find something that you are passionate about and that has value to the public. The keys to getting rich are passion and a work ethic.

  • No. College is not the ticket to wealth.

    The Ticket to wealth is hard work, determination and knowledge. You do not need to acquire knowledge at College. There are many places to gain the knowledge to help you succeed in life. Does a college degree help you obtain a better paying job, yes, but it does not guarntee you to be wealthy. You need to work hard at your job, put in the hours and get rewarded.

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