4 killed on Dreamworld ride: Should amusement parks be required to perform daily maintenance tests for each ride?

  • Yes, they should.

    These tests don't have to be complicated, but they need to train their employees better. Amusement parks make millions of dollars every year. They can afford to spend a little extra time training thier employees to do better safetly checks so that fewer people get hurt or killed on rides.

  • Yes, amusement parks should take every step possible to ensure the safety of customers, including daily maintenance checks.

    The rides at amusement parks put tremendous pressure on the equipment involved. Daily maintenance checks should be a legal requirement to ensure that any areas of weakness are identified and dealt with promptly. While it might not be possible to prevent every single accident, anything that can be done to decrease the likelihood of such accidents should be enforced

  • Yes, human life takes primacy over corporate profit

    Yes, amusement parks should be required to perform daily maintenance tests on rides. Ultimately, the argument against this proposition is built upon the principle of the economic impact on the companies that operate amusement parks. Because I believe that the profits of businesses should never take priority over the preservation of human life, I believe that they should be compelled to test rides every day.

  • Yes, people's lives are at stake.

    If amusement parks are allowed to profit off of these rides, they need to ensure that they are safe. This actually benefits them, since if someone gets killed on one of their rides, they will have to pay large legal fees and then probably a large settlement. If daily maintenance tests are what it takes to ensure safety, then they should be required.

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