40% jump in traffic from Funny or Die video: Does viral marketing hurt the President's image?

  • It's the real Obama.

    Yes, viral marketing hurts the president's image, because people have the chance to see the true Obama. On the internet, the major media does not always get to filter the president's image for him. We get to see the real Obama. That hurts his image, because the real Obama isn't very good.

  • Possibly the best thing Obama's done

    I'm not an Obama supporter, and I'm against the ACA. But I'm glad he's doing whatever he needs to get done to make it work. Presidents should always be more concerned about doing right than their image. Unfortunately, for many, that's not the case. Six more words were needed. Thanks.

  • Obama Has Nothing to Lose

    President Barack Obama has nothing to lose. The only way he will leave office now is if Congress impeaches the president and that won't happen because the Senate will remain in the hands of the Democrats after November 2014's mid-term elections. Viral marketing doesn't hurt the president's image because he can't be elected for a third term in the first place. Obama can try to implement whatever policies he deems fit whether Congress agrees with him or not.

  • That is why the President did it

    Young people do not watch regular news, at least not most of them. They get their news from social media sites and areas like that. Much of what gets put on social media is propaganda. I think it was very smart for the President to go on "Funny or Die." The increase in traffic shows it worked.

  • Apparently It Helps

    If there was a 40% increase in traffic to as a result of the FunnyOrDie video then I would have to say viral marketing has helped the president. Americans can't benefit from the new market unless they take advantage of it. If the presidents appearance created the traffic rush then there's no reason to assume his image was somehow harmed.

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