• Yes I agree

    I have three grandsons and they are full of energy they sit for 7 hours in school 15 minutes a day to burn all the energy little boys have they get home at 4 o'clock every day time for home work supper bath time to settle down ready for bed to get up in the morning to do it again they are children.

  • 40 Minute Recesses: Absolutely!

    Kids need two separate 40-minute recesses a day, in order to get exercise and to clear their heads, so they can work/study more efficiently. It's disgraceful that school recesses, like a lot of other school necessities have been whittled to the bone or cut out entirely. No more cuts..Period. Enough!

    Posted by: mplo
  • No more wigs

    In my last schools before this one we had a 40 minute recess and let me tell you it was so much better when we could just get all of our wiggles out and before that we had the same 20 minute recess but then the student body of every grade went which I was in 3rd grade and we voted on a 40 min recess. So what I think we should do is get a student body at broadway for decisions like that. Student’s need longer recess or they will get fat like a whale.

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