47 of the world's poorest countries are aiming to hit 100% renewable energy: Is this possible?

  • Yes, it is possible to reach 100% renewable energy

    Yes, it is possible for the forty seven poorest countries in the world to hit one hundred percent renewable energy. It would be possible for the entire planet to reach high levels of renewable energy if there was an effort made. Poorer countries will have an easier time because they are not as energy dependent as wealthier countries. Maybe they can lead the world in this important endeavor.

  • Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly more efficient

    Using nonrenewable sources like Nuclear is not feasible for developing countries, these plants take 10-15 years to develop and billions to build, not to mention they do produce emissions in the mining process. Adopting sources like coal or oil is overall too detrimental in the long run to sustain as evidenced by the threat of global warming. This makes renewable sources the only truly viable and sustainable option, as they're significantly cheaper, take less time to build, and are available almost anywhere. Major comapnies all over the world are committing to 100% renewable, making this goal not too far off for other nations.

  • Yes, 100% renewable energy is possible even in impoverished countries.

    Yes, I believe the aim of 47 of the world's poorest countries to achieve 100% renewable energy is possible. This goal presents a great challenge, but we live in a global community with unprecedented shared knowledge and resources. Through their own dedication and with the help of wealthier countries, even the most impoverished nations can overhaul their energy infrastructures.

  • There is too much to do.

    Much of renewable energy is inefficient. These countries should focus on building their economies. It's important to crawl before you try to sprint. It could stall economic growth in these countries to try to become environmentally fit before their economies are even churning. A lot of times this energy is unreliable and it could pose long-term problems.

  • 100% renewal energy is not possible

    Although having 100% renewable energy is a great goal and may be possible at some point in the future, it is not feasible at this time. The 47 poorest world countries that want to achieve this goal would better serve their citizens by doing whatever it takes to increase their standard of living.

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