5 Dead on Boeing 727: Are airplane crashes becoming more frequent?

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  • No, airplane crashes are not becoming more frequent.

    Airplane crashes are not becoming more frequent. In fact, airline safety has continued to improve over the last several years. The 24-hour news cycle has just increased the number of news stories related to airplane crashes. Far more die in auto accidents everyday then will be killed in airplane crashes.

  • They are becoming less frequent.

    Plane crashes are becoming less and less frequent as the years go on according to all of the evidence available on the topic. Technology concerning safety is continually improving and safety protocols are becoming more stringent. However, because of the rarity of the event the media are more prone to cover plane crashes when they do occur which means that the public might believe that they are becoming more common.

  • No, we are taking more precautions to prevent this

    The only reason we believe there are more plane crashes than ever is due to the increase in media coverage. We see and hear more firsthand now than ever thanks to the media but in reality, airports and captains are taking more and more precautions and creating safer mechanisms to prevent these crashes.

  • There are many more planes.

    Plane travel has been safer in the last few years than it has ever been. Traveling by plane is much safer than traveling by car. There are many more planes in the air each day than there were 50 years ago. For this reason, it might seem like there are more crashes, but it isn't true.

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