5 killed in a fatal car accident: Should the driver be the one to blame?

  • Incompetent Driving is Deadly

    If the driver was intoxicated or incompetent in his or her driving, then yes, they should be blamed for their poor choices. The driver is typically the one in control of the car and should constantly be looking out for other drivers' poor choices and find ways to avoid them. A car is a machine that should be operated with care.

  • Yes, the driver of the vehicle should be the one blamed in a multi-fatal car accident.

    In this type of situation it depends on all other circumstances involved, however, in most cases the driver should be the one blamed for the death of all others in their vehicle. If the driver is ultimately at fault for the accident, meaning they were drunk and driving and hit something/someone, or they weren't paying attention to the road, etc., then they are entirely to blame. If there are extenuating circumstances that could not have been avoided, such as the drivier of another vehicle hitting them, then there is nothing they could have done and they should not be blamed for the tragedy.

  • Yes they should

    People don't take the responsibility of driving serious anymore and it's disgusting. All kinds of people drinking and driving and acting like it's no big deal. Not to mention all the idiots on their phones not paying attention to the road. People need to wake up and realize that driving is a privilege not a right.

  • Driver not necessarily to blame in crash

    The driver in a crash that killed five people is not necessarily to blame. Without knowing the complete facts, it is impossible to judge. Many factors could be at work, including a mechanical issue. Further investigation is needed to learn if issues such as driver error, or alcohol were in play.

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