• They are an amazing band

    They are an amazing band because they are cute there music is amazing and overall they are one of the best boy bands in the world. From She Looks so Perfect to Feels so good. They are an amazing band and I love the drummer and the lead singer. #5SOSFAM

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  • I've heard it all before

    The thing with 5sos is that they are not necessarily a BAD band. They can play instruments to an acceptable level, they're songs are catchy enough and are radio-friendly. But, the problem with this and is their lack of a unique and interesting sound. Their music is basically just a rehash of the last 10 years or so of pop rock. They haven't released anything other than the usual teenage pop, show no sort of deeper appreciation for music and have no interesting views to share. To be honest are utterly unexceptional. Another band with pretty faces and hooks that pubescent girls can swoon over.

  • Who are they?

    They're in normo music...... I hate normo music without exception. Following that logic, I'd hate them. They look like 1D, which also makes me hate them..... Yep, only very vaguely heard of them, and from what I see they probably suck. - - - - - - - - -

  • No punk at all

    Some people think that "Oh, Everybody likes them, and they're a boy band, so I'm not going to like them". That's what a lot of people really mean when they are talking about these types of bands, but 5sos just .........Sucks. They are hard to listen to because their voices are terrible, and they aren't good musicians. They don't write any good song. Their lyrics are terrible. They obviously have stolen many songs, and their butthurt fans don't even realize it. They've got to stop wearing band shirts of bands they probably don't listen to, and same goes to their fans. DON'T WEAR NIRVANA SHIRTS!!! Leave it for us real fans!!!!!! As I wrote earlier, their fans are butthurt af, and it's really annoying. Finally, please stop trying to act punk rock!

  • It really sucks

    Thiis band has the worst music i have ever heard. My ears bleed after hearing their songs. If people like them, i shame them. Shame o Shame on them. I know someone who likes them, and their life sucks. That is why I think 5 seconds of summer really sucks.

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