5-year-old hacker: Can there be any real online security if even a 5-year-old can hack into someone's account?

  • Age is not always an indicator of security.

    The age of the hacker, and the fact that he is five, does not mean there is no security. You have to think in terms of intelligence rather than age. This was not an average five year old. He was obviously highly intelligent, more so than most adults in terms of computers. Furthermore, there has been a four year old with the same IQ as Einstein who became a member of Mensa at age three.

  • Yes, I think there can be real online security even if a 5-year old can hack into someone's account.

    I think that Internet security will forever be a uphill battle but overall I think that we can develop our security systems to the point where they are realtively safe to hold financial and other sensitive information and when exploits or holes are found they are quickly fixed and improved on.

  • Jesus Says Yes

    What even is this? What does one even do with himself when and if maybe he knows what if it is had been doing? What if you even go to one to go what is even that? HACKING IS NOT EVEN REAL IT IS AN ILLUMINATI COVER UP THEY CONTROL THE GOVERNMENT AHHHHH

  • Just Microsoft's fault

    Xbox one is a new console. Just because Microsoft screwed up here doesn't mean that we can generalize all of internet security. What happened here was nothing but luck for the kid. Microsoft has obviously since fixed this issue so incidents like this is actually beneficial to online security. .

  • Five year olds are squealers.

    They come into my house and whine for food. And when they are full they whine for xbox. And when they get bored they whine for some new expensive game that "all the other kids have", get bored in 90 seconds, and whine for money so that they can get some addon that will make them squeal.

  • Real online security is possible - just not on XBox.

    The incident with the five year old child was simply an issue with XBox accounts, but that doesn't necessarily mean more secure websites, such as banks or email accounts aren't secure. So long as those coding know what they're doing, and keep on top of any exploits that arise, such as XBox did when they fixed the bug, online security is possible.

  • It's all relative

    Well, I don't think that real online security is a concept that can be measured only by the possibility of being violated, but also as the real protection that security systems provide. As a general aspect for assessing the effectiveness of a security system, we must consider the human factor above all.

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tllewis4 says2014-04-09T01:48:19.130
This is nonsense. No five-year old kids hack into anyone account. Where do you get that nonsense?