50-year-olds working multiple jobs: Is this a sign that our economy is worse than ever?

  • yes, it is a sign of worse economy

    by the time one gets to fifty years old, he should be preparing himself or herself for retirement in order to pave way for the upcoming generations, but we start to see people with fifty years of age doing multiple jobs, implies one thing, that the economies is worse than ever.

  • Its a sign of a terrible economy and poor planning

    I think the trend of "middle age" Americans holding multiple jobs is a sign of economic malaise and also the result of poor planning amongst these people. They had almost four decades (assuming they graduated high school at eighteen) to build a career and the necessary economic cushion to minimize the bad effects of economic downturns and for whatever reason did not do so. So, yes the economy is bad, causing people to work multiple jobs. But so does poor life planning.

  • Economy Swings are Normal

    No I do not think that 50 yr olds working multiple jobs is a sign that our economy is worse than ever because there are too many reasons this could be happening and not all of them are economically related. People as a whole are living longer and working longer. Another factor is that people are saving less for retirement and having to save longer to accomplish financial security.

  • Long-Term Unemployed Baby Boomers in 2013

    Those 50 and older, who were laid off over the past 5 years, have had an especially difficult time being rehired. Many have already drained their savings and now rely on government services. Some have taken their own lives.

    For the Baby Boomers, the Great Recession and its aftermath has taken its toll on the sons and daughters of the Silent Generation...those who grew up during the Great Depression and World War Two --- those who were sometimes called the "The Lucky Few". But in the prime of their working careers, many of their children are struggling to survive. They weren't so lucky. Simply put, as Susan Sipprelle of the website Over Fifty and Out of Work says, "They were the wrong age at the wrong time."

  • No it is not:

    Considering the article many economic mistakes were made and ultimately the woman in question is atypical. The number of Americans in accordance to the article cited was 115,000, which is a 170% increase since 20 years ago, which in turn means that it's not an insanely high influx and considering the nature of the consumerist culture almost seems normal.

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