• Automakers can be trusted for doing the right thing

    Automakers can be trusted despite another massive recall. By realizing there were issues with the vehicles and recalling them, Dodge is making right with the public and working to fix the problem. Vehicles tend to have issues arise over time, it is impossible to be fully aware of all issues prior to release.

  • Yes, we can trust automakers.

    Vehicles are recalled for a variety of reasons, and they are recalled to keep the consumers safe. It is a good thing when an automaker spots a potentially hazardous problem and is honest enough to warn the consumer about the danger. Recalling a vehicle is not a reason to distrust them, but finding a problem and not recalling a vehicle would be.

  • It is up to you.

    When you buy a brand spanking new car, you have to realize one thing. It was not made specifically for you. It is a production machine built by machines. And machines break at times and you need to accept the fact that sometimes things just don't work the way the company say they do.

  • No trust for them

    We cannot trust automakers at all. The American consumer is being duped all the time because the cars and trucks cost so much to buy yet there are still an insane amount of defects to them, some of them deadly. There should be a way for one or two companies to rise to the top for lack of recalls.

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