58 men arrested in Cologne: Are refugees to blame for mass sex attack?

  • The numbers have skyrocketed

    The numbers of sexual assaults have increased exponentially since Europe opened its doors to limitless refugees. The refugees are not hard to spot because they are large groups of men that walk around in groups looking for people to hurt. The refugees have also made it clear that they want to change the societies of the places that they come to live.

  • No, there are differences between refugees and migrants.

    I did not see any report stating that refugees were to blame. What the reports stated was that the attackers were of Middle Eastern or North African extraction. Refugees were not blamed for these attacks, migrants were. All of these people are migrants. If the 3 who were arrested arrived in Europe using the EU/UN/Amnesty aided rubber-dinghy route then they are MIGRANTS not REFUGEES.

  • Out of the 58 men only 3 were recent refugees

    Out of the 58 men arrested in Cologne, only 3 were recent refugees, 2 from Syria and one from Iraq. We need to also consider the rest of 55 men who were part of the crime, majority of them belong to Algeria, Tunisia or Morocco. Hence refugees alone should not be blamed for the mass sex attack

  • The Mass Sex Attack...get the facts

    Of the 58 men arrested only THREE were of recent refugees. That means the remaining fifty five of the men were already well established in Cologne before the attack occurred. It had been proven that the three most recent just fell in line with the men in the Cologne area. There is more to this story than just the labeling of them as refugees.

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