• This will save lives

    Penis transplants will save lives. The penis is a very important organ for most men's psychology. Many men faced with penile cancer will choose death over penectomy. Those who do go through the penectomy have a higher rate of depression and suicide. Not only should penis transplants be allowed but they should be free, at least for men who can't afford it. He should be informed of the risks involved but the choice should be up to him.

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  • Penis tranplants should be done

    Penis transplants should be done. In this case, this is for 60 wounded servicemen. This is certainly worthy for those that fought and sacrificed for their country. It will provide health and psychological benefits to these men. The procedure has been well-researched, and if successful, can be expanded to others, such as those suffering from cancer.

  • If it makes people happy

    Yes, penis transplants should be done if people have a medical reason to have them done. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a transplant, either to address a problem with the excretory system or for sexual activity. These are both important functions of life and if a transplant lets a person have a happier, healthier life, it's a good plan.

  • Penis Transplants Should be Done

    In much the same way that women who lose their breasts can have implants, men should be able to have a penis transplant. As long as they know all the possible risks with the procedure and are willing to more forward, they should absolutely be allowed to have the procedure done.

  • No, penis transplants should not be an option.

    Penis transplants should not be done. It is my belief that people should learn to love the body they have and penis transplants discourages this. This procedure encourages people to feel ashamed of their bodies and want to change them. This procedure is also very dangerous and potentially life threatening and should not be allowed.

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