7:1, was Brazil too week or was Germany too powerful?

Asked by: Aries-Xin
  • Germany are powerful

    Germany won the world cup of course they are more powerful than brazil. The only reason why brazil made it so far in the world cup is because of Meymar or however u spell his name. And also Germany was to powerful and brazil was to weak that's why it was 7-1

  • Brazil's Defense was a joke

    The Brazilian defense was simply a joke. The second goal scored by Klose was not even supposed to be a goal; the Brazilian defense is just to wide apart to come and close in on the ball. The Brazilian defense just gave space to the Fritzs, who are already quite over-powered. The German attack was very commendable; it was fast and took advantage of the French defense put up by Brazil. If they want to do good next year, Brazil needs to improve. LOTS

  • Brasil was missing key players

    Thebrains, you are right about *Neymar, but you also have to realize that Thiago Silva wasn't able to compete in the game either. He was the one who commanded the defense, and without him the Brazillian defense was without a clear sense of order. And although Germany happened to be a very strong team, Brasil was just a little out of sorts. In a competition where Neymar, and Silva were able to compete the game might have been a little more close scoring wise.

  • Not really no.

    Anyone who has ever played sports knows that games like that happen. It is rare, but all athletes have played in a game where everything just fell apart. Brazil is a powerhouse that doesn't mean they are immune to a bad performance. Fatigue added with pressure can cause problems. Germany did well. Nothing against them and I actually picked them to win it all. At the end of the day, there are probably 6 elite national teams, but soccer is weird. You can play a good whole game and one lucky goal will make you lose. There is such little scoring and that makes it rough. It is a good game and I played in goal for a long while. I played all the major sports actually and in every one I have experience a fall apart game. It is just too bad for Brazil it happened in the World Cup in their own country.

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