700 mile US Mexico border fence: Will a 700-mile fence help stop illegal immigration?

  • The US-Mexican Border is 1,954 miles long, so, no a 700-mile fence will not work; it must be 1,954 miles long.

    I had to laugh at President Obama’s tongue-in-cheek statement last year that building a mote and filling it with alligators would not work.

    It is true and funny because of the obvious!

    The US-Mexican border is 1,954 miles or 3,439,040 yards long. Assuming you would need 10 alligators for every 100 yards for it to be effective, you would need 343,904 alligators, which is more than the total estimated population of 200,000 alligators in the Florida Everglades. And, the cost to feed 343,904 alligators! And, the smell from rotting meat, what a mess!

    However, finishing the double border fence and building observation towers every one-half mile that are equipped with high powered Search Lights, high powered surveillance cameras, long range motion detectors, GPR " ground-penetrating radar to detect the building of underground tunnels, etc. And having them manned 24-7, now that would work quite well!

    Then add about 40,000 more border agents, with thousands of armored, machine gun equipped desert all-terrain vehicles and hundreds of well-trained guard dogs doing patrols 24-7 along the entire 1,954 mile long US-Mexican border. Guess what would happen then?

    Very few illegal aliens and illegal drugs are getting across the US-Mexican!

    Illegal Mexican immigrants are destroying America. At least 200,000 to 500,000 are crossing the border annually.

    It has to be stopped.

  • It will, yes we can

    If course it will! The stem of the immigration system is from that 700 mile radius. Mexican immigrants along with other foreigners are the new population around that USA Mexico border. BUT- I feel if they do that, then they will need to create a smarter security around that area. Fin

  • Yes, a border fence would stem the tide of illegal immigration, but ...

    A border fence would restrict the flow of people between our two countries, but it will not solve the problem of illegal immigration. Mexicans desire the jobs that they can get in the USA, and American businesses want the labor they can provide. If a better system for allow labor to smoothly more across the border, then a border fence will lead to more deaths, rotting food in the fields, and will stiffle industries that depend of migrant workers (including manufacturing).

  • A fence really?

    Last time I checked people had these things called planes, boats and ladders. I live in Australia being surrounded by the ocean has not stopped illegal arrivals, from arriving on boats that could easily sink during the journey. So do you honestly think that a fence is going to stop some one who is willing to risk their lives to cross it?

    At best it will slow them down and force the creation of more clever ways of getting into the country. The Berlin wall didn't stop everybody who tried to get out of Russia, I doubt a cheap government fence is going to stop illegal immigration its an expensive publicity stunt to make it look as though the government is taking action.

  • Not significantly, no

    People will still pass through the checkpoint in trucks, through bribes, boats, planes etc. This would be a waste of money. Lets focus on the economics of immigration and making it easier for people to come legally. Did you know that immigration is the primary reason the US economy grows faster than the EU?

  • A 700 mile fence will hamper budgets, not immigrants

    Building a 700 mile long fence along the US - Mexico border is an infantile concept. If I were to walk up to a fence in the middle of the desert, and this fence was blocking my path I would go over, under, or through it.

    It is impossible to patrol such a long border as the US - Mexican one. It is likely that this fence will cost millions of dollars to construct and maintain, yet it can be bested by a $5 USD pair of chain cutters.

    The only common sense approach is comprehensive immigration reform.

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