700 mile US Mexico border fence: Would the environmental effects of a US-Mexico border wall be minimal?

  • This shouldn't have to be an debate/ YES DUH!

    We should put a fence around the Mexican boarder, u wanna k why? A lot of drugs comes from there and we can reduce the risks of young people getting into those things, and no I'm not just saying all the drugs are coming from Mexico, it can also be made in the US too. In addition we can reduce illegal immigrants coming to the US, yes, they all want a better life and for the good of their children's but what if some get caught anyway? This would be devastating to the child if the child knows that he/she parents did something, something good to save him/her we could reduce less tears and more happiness if we put a wall, (and no I'm not voting for trump)

  • Yes, the environmental effects would be minimal for the 700 mile border fence.

    The environmental effects of putting up a 700 mile US Mexico border fence would be very minimal because of the desert environment. This environment will re grow any harmed plants or ecosystems in a relatively fast period of time. The animals that may be effected will be able to adapt with no serious or harmful effects.

  • Effects of Border

    There are minimal environmental effects to a US-Mexico border. The borders are not built according to Homeland Security to ground level. There are news stories about immigrants crawling under the fence to get to the United States. Becaue the border fence is built that way, little environmental effects is expected.

  • The wall would go through different terrain

    Yes it may seem the wall's damage may be minimal to the enviroment but if you look at where the border is on Google Maps it shows that you cant go through just desert but you have to go through mountains and cities and maybe even homes. And according to the Department of Homeland Security they say that,"It would have to stretch over 2,000 miles of terrain." So no its not just 700 miles its more than that. And CNBC says that," It would take a whopping $12 to $25 billion to build"

  • No this won't

    You are digging up the ground which is part of the environment. The fence will also break species in half breaking the genetic diversity. Much through human history we have changed the way the environment looks and look at the extreme loss of species, for changes just like using a motorboat which runs over coral and takes out homes in the water.

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