75-year wait for Clinton aide emails: Is this amount if time way to long? Should they be released sooner?

  • 75 Year Wait for Emails Too Long.

    To wait seventy-five years for the release of emails is not only ridiculous but it is also intentionally postponing an issue that no one will remember when the release comes about. Instead of intentionally delaying the release of these so hotly debated emails, release them now and prove to the world that there is nothing to hide. One can suspect a suspicious motive for such a long wait period. Waiting for three quarters of a century for a series of emails is a ridiculous wait time. A shorter wait time, say like five years, ten years even twenty makes much more sense but seventy-five is far too long to wait.

  • Yes, the Clinton emails should be released sooner

    Many were shocked when the State Department revealed that the Republican party would have to wait an incredible 75 years in order to read Clinton's controversial emails. The reason is simple: the Department is overworked and understaffed. However, it is my belief that given how important these emails are to the integrity (or not) of Clinton's campaign, a special task force should be created in order to get the emails released sooner.

  • Yes i think the emails shoul dbe released.

    The way this process has played out only make the citizens of the United States more suspicious that a crime was committed. I understand that the topic has been politicized to a certain extend, but the unwillingness to release the emails causes one to believe that the Clinton's are hiding something.

  • No, they shouldn't be released

    There is a reason the 75-year wait was set up. This allows for time to pass and the sensitivity and security of the content won't compromise any current actions. This, however, doesn't prevent aides from testifying and it seems that would be a good way to determine whether there was a violation of security.

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