812,000 pay-TV subscribers cut the cord in the second quarter of 2016. Will cord cutting accelerate?

  • The public is fed up with paying high fees for TV

    There is a lot of programming available with streaming channels. People are tired of high prices being charged by cable companies, DirecTV and DISH. I, for one, have discontinued those services. When I moved into my current home, a year and a half ago, I decided I did not need to pay $100/month for the few channels that I watched. I use NetFlix for $7.99/month. I also have some free channels, such as news channels and PBS. I believe that the streaming market will continue to grow and provide many more choices in the coming months and years. I would never go back to paying the high TV prices.

  • Yes it will

    812,000 pay-TV subscribers cut the cord in the second quarter of 2016. Cord cutting will obviously increase. Popularity within the internet and other subscription based streaming methods are becoming so popular that they are completely overtaking regular television viewing methods. Why watch a single episode of a program when you can watch a whole series.

  • Cable TV is finally dying

    Finally Americans are catching on to what I've known for years - cable TV is terrible. Between all the commercials all the time and only being able to catch your shows with some sort of DVR-type device, cable just doesn't fit into our lives the way that it used to. Now, the internet can do all the things that cable used to do. Maybe this will finally force the cable companies to start innovating.

  • Yes, it will.

    There are many, many alternatives to paying for cable. Netflix and other streaming services, such as Hulu and yahoo tv help to make watching tv easier and more affordable. These options also allow people to choose what kinds of tv services they want to watch and open them up to a new way of watching tv.

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