92% of European parents that are informed their future child will have down syndrome opt to have abortions- do you agree with this decision?

92% of European parents that are informed their future child will have down syndrome opt to have abortions- do you agree with this decision?
  • Yes, I feel quality of life is just as important as life, itself.

    Personally speaking, if I found myself and my wife in a similar situation, I'd also strongly consider abortion. In my opinion, quality of life is just as important, if not moreso, than life, itself. Not only would a special needs child never experience the full quality of life other children would, it can also be very difficult on the parents.

  • It is not anyone's place to judge a woman for having an abortion.

    While it is true that Down's Syndrome children can live happy and productive lives and bring a great deal of joy to their parents, having a child with a disability like Down's is an incredible responsibility. This child will live under your supervision until they die and require a great deal more care and attention than able-bodied children. It is up to the parents of the child to decide if this is a responsibility that they can cope with.

  • Natural option for me

    I think that is better than not aborting because the kid would suffer and live poor life. I would always choose that option because I would like to have healthy child and I think anyone else would like that and if you can stop child from having life with down sindrom you should stop it.

  • It's only up to the parents to decide.

    Supporting a kid with Down Syndrome is a lifetime responsibility. Parents are asked to provide their children with more than love. Abortion seems a logical option, if possible. If the parents are not willing to undertake such task, then there's no reason for a child to be born and mistreated its entire life. Plus, I'm not sure how state aid can be helpful in such cases.

  • No it is not okay. Period

    The mere fact that you are aborting that baby because they are different just shows you care more about their appearence rather than their personality. That is not right. The quality of life is not important. The sanctity of life is. Whether or not your child will be born with down syndrome you should love them for who they are, not what they look like. I know it must be really hard when you find out your child has special needs and might be teased on because of their illness but the child is innocent. They did not choose to be that way and neither did you. Aborting a child just because they are different is selfish and wrong.

  • Deciding to Abort Your Child is Wrong

    Every life that God brings into this world is precious. It is not up to anyone to decide whether or not a child with down syndrome should live. If European parents do not want to have a child with down syndrome, they should not try to have children. The fact that so many are having children with down syndrome leads me to believe that they are older and already know it is a possiblity.

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