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  • Get over here

    Hey avengers, Loki is on the run and you better come and get him before he travels to a alternate universe and screws up your timelines. Plus I want to know if Wonder Woman could mail the dream stone to 1122 woodlark road in Alabama. I will get rid of these spammers, No matter what the cost. Oh, And I think I know what happened to Gamora after endgame so I can give you that news too.

  • We just got a report

    Apparently, The avengers are not responding to the beacon which means they either don’t care about us or they are too busy. The x men are also unresponsive at the moment which is probably because of some excusable reason. Professor, X, Nick fury, Where are you two clowns! Get over here and do something before Loki starts to screw up the alternate realities

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