• Get your panties over here right now!

    Guess what Mrs. Quinn, Your ex boyfriend joker is teaming up with Loki, The adopted son of Odin and they are traveling to alternate realities to screw up the alternate timelines of para real universes. The justice league claimed they will not intervene. The avengers can’t find Loki. The x men don’t care about what’s happening. Wondering if you could track down the joker and his bud Loki and stop them from screwing up history. Last thing I heard was they were looking for someone named Gamora.

  • I am Harley quinn

    No. I’m going to let the joker beat himself up. I don’t care what he does with Loki. They can push the button that kills everybody if they want too. I’m not going to stop joker from saving Gamora. Thanks is about the only person around here that is capable of defeating me and the birds of prey (sorry for the grammar error NOT! )

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