• Do me a favor

    Months ago, A guy named Jamal spammed this site and Jamal was rivaled by the Joker. Batman refused to save debate. Org from the joker saying he other other stuff to than besides “saving this useless site, ” If Batman isn’t available, I was wondering if anyone else in the justice league would be willing to save this site and stop a 2nd spam war from starting.

  • We are the Justice Leauge

    No. The justice league will not save your useless site for these reasons.
    1. ) Batman is working at home as Bruce Wayne and he isn’t leaving his house because everyone wants to kill the Batman because bats started COVID.
    2. Green Lantern is not available. He’s on a rogue planet fighting for justice.
    3. ) Superman-is super busy working at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent and he ain’t giving up his job.
    4. ) Aqua man is quarantining in Atlantis because Miss Sue Princess Mera tested positive for COVID and nobody is giving Atlantis a vaccine so they are making their own.
    5. ) Flash is fast but online blogging is his slow spot
    6. ) Cyborg doesn’t care about your useless problems and he suggests that you get a job at McDonald’s.
    7. ) Wonder Woman says that if you want to save your stupid debate. Org site, Use the dream stone but remember all wishes come with a cost.

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