A college education isn't needed to be successful financially.

Asked by: LenkaViAnh
  • Trade school is much cheaper and give students more skills in life.

    Trade school help students to realize the basic skills that they'll need in life. It also help students to run about in life easier.
    The average of cost in trade school is $33. 000 when the average at college is $700. 140. And in the trade school, We can earn the certificate of diploma, The opportunity to take a licensing exam, Or work as a journeyman, Depending on fields and school.

  • College is not needed but it enhances your chances.

    Sure you can go learn a trade and repair AC units, Cars, Toilets, Or go in construction, Welding low level nursing, Ect
    You can earn a living but your body will have to work. Once you go over 50 you will regret working so hard. The ones who have it rough are the ones who work outside. And get your hands dirty,
    Going to school gives your better chances. You can study to be a doctor or go to higher level nursing and make a lot of money.
    Point is that if you are not book smart then learn a trade you will work with your body. And your 20 year old self can handle it but lets see you last to over 50 years.

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