A Deadpan Hillary Clinton Visits ‘Between Two Ferns’: Will this appearance be beneficial for Hillary Clinton's campaign?

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton's appearance on 'Between Two Ferns' will be beneficial to her campaign.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton's appearance on 'Between Two Ferns' will be beneficial to her campaign. Anything that is self-depricating or humorously humiliating will help boost anyone's image as a regular person that doesn't take themselves too seriously. That's why Presidential Candidates appear on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, or make funny cameos on shows. It humanizes them.

  • No, this visit will not help her campaign.

    Hillary Clinton's appearance on the show, 'Between Two Ferns,' will not likely help her campaign. Hillary just does not have the kind of television charisma it takes to be successful in that kind of venue. Her husband would have been helped by an appearance on the show. Hillary needs to stay on message and focus on what she is good at.

  • No, Clinton visiting 'Between Two Ferns' will not be beneficial.

    No, Clinton visiting comedic acts like 'Between Two Ferns' will not be beneficial. She needs to focus on looking empathetic. Comedy hosts are good at poking fun of a situation, but there are few incidences where the interaction changes the watcher's opinion. These kind of shows usually strengthens one opinion that is already formed. Clinton should look for avenues where she can reflect on issues that affect swing demographics.

  • Could Go Either Way

    This could go either way. It could show how silly this show is or it could show how she's not exactly prepared to know how to react to unexpected questions and critics on the spot. If she was deadpan, there was probably a good reason for it and she shouldn't be punished for being human.

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