A former Miss Universe claims Trump is "absolutely racist." Is the Republican Party racist?

  • Yes, the Republican Party is racist.

    Yes, the Republican Party is racist because they nominated a racist candidate for president. They are supported by many leaders of racist organizations and they never try to support welfare. They ignore the suffering of those in poverty and only focus on making the rich richer. It is time for a new party to take its place.

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  • The party that freed the slaves are not racist.

    Did anyone know that Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President? Also, the Democrats were the racist ones, and they still are today. They opposed anti-slavery, and they also founded the KKK. Today, democrats are racist towards white people, so clearly they are the ones who are racist here. Unfortunately, they control the media and education, so there are more and more racists every day.

  • No, because the term "racist" has become a slanderous buzzword.

    Racist, bigot, homophobic, sexist, etc. are all just excessively used buzzwords by the American Media. They have grabbed these terms by the throat, shaken all actual shaming power from them, and tossed them on anyone they don't like or approve of. I don't think having an opinion on other people is racist, even if that view is negative. You are allowed to have negative opinions without being a bad person; true racists believe that people are physically, mentally, or emotionally inferior to their own race and having a negative opinion doesn't even begin to match that. Trump says things that can be seen as racist but it is highly doubtful that, outside of very boxed-in communities, much of what he says should be taken as anything more than negative opinion.

  • No, the Republican Party is not racist.

    First of all, the fact that a former Miss Universe deems Donald Trump to be racist does not make it a fact. Secondly, that accusation should in no way be applied to the entire Republican party. In my opinion, much of the reason Democrats and Republicans have trouble working together is due to preconceived notions such as these.

  • The Republican Party is not racist, but Donald Trump is

    Donald Trump's behavior toward the former Miss Universe is certainly racist, calling her "Housekeeping" for being Hispanic. He has also exhibited bigotry toward African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims and Jews. That does not mean, however, that the Republican Party is racist. It does mean that significant percentages — perhaps up to 40 percent — of Republicans are racist.

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