• Bruh who hasn't

    Bruh who hasn't? Maybe little kids and newborns but everyone does watch movies at points in their lives but still I recommend you don't ask opinions that you obviously should be able to know. But hey if u are just starting debate. Org, This should be a fine first opinion. :)

  • The Tankha sisters

    Monday 25 January is a delicate artefact for me and I am so 1 La bonne
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    on this so that we could get some feedback on the morale religieuse est

  • I have never seen amovie

    Movies are bad for the health as they can cause bad health problems. The problems include seisure death and head ache. Plus why would you need to watch a movie when you could just go otside and enjoy nature in the full lest without a screen in the way you can do lord of the rings outrside and not in a screen or evem harry pottper and yes eeven avatar

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