A journalist was arrested at a pipeline protest. Is the state trampling on First Amendment rights?

  • They were using their right

    We have a right to protest. It's written right in the first amendment. This was an unconstitutional move. It also further proves that the state protects and serves the ruling class, rather than the working class. If we allow this, then any protester could be arrested at will by the state.

  • So many exceptions it looks like Swiss cheese

    The American government is extremely good at getting what they want to do to be technically legal. Thus, they carve out exceptions for who actually GETS free speech. With the PATRIOT ACT, all it takes is somebody to be declared a terrorist (with the ever-broadening definition of that word), and suddenly they have no rights. We've already seen this tactic used against "terrorists" like drug dealers and in child porn cases, it won't be long before it's commonly used against political protesters too.

  • The pipeline protests are part of the First Amendment

    The First Amendment means that everyone is entitled to free speech. This extends to protest. The Standing Rock pipeline has been incredibly contentious recently, to the extent that many arrests have been made. However, these arrests forget that our citizens are entitled to voice dissent on key issues if they so choose.

  • Freedom of (peaceable) Speech

    I believe anyone has a right to RESPECTFULLY disagree. They have a right to tell their neighbors, to post on their facebook, or to write a blog. But causing public disturbance and should be treated like other criminal activity that tramples on the rights of others. I don't see how starting fires and shooting could be of any useful benefit to the issue.

  • The protesters are doing the trampling.

    No, the state is not trampling on First Amendment rights. Rather, the journalist and the rest of the protesters need to learn that they cannot just walk into private property and tell other people what to do. The private citizens do not own that property. They cannot dictate to the owners what to do with it. If they are trespassing, they should be arrested.

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