A key glacier in Antarctica is melting: Should global warming policies be put into place worldwide?

  • Environmental conservation needs to be taken more seriously.

    I strongly believe that global warming and climate change policies must be put in place worldwide in order to preserve our environment. With all of the technology and information available to us, stricter regulations should be placed on our energy consumption and our environmental footprint. The easiest way to ensure these ideals actually become a reality is by creating and enforcing policies and regulations.

  • Absolutely, or else

    Countries need to get on the same page when it comes to global warming. The entire scientific community agrees on it, excluding frauds who are in the pocket of oil companies and corrupt politicians. The prospect of worldwide, irreversible climate change is a global issue and needs to be treated as such.

  • It is still a fiction.

    There is still very little that people actually knows about global warming. Scientists disagree as to whether global warning is actually happening. If they could agree on that, next they would debate as to whether man is the cause of the change in the weather. Society should wait until all the facts are in before doing anything drastic.

  • Global warming polices cannot be placed worldwide

    Although global warming is a concern and a danger, worldwide policies regarding it would simply not be effective. Many countries already have global warming policies and that's great, but other countries are unwilling or incapable of enforcing such policies. We must do what we can as a country to remediate global warming, but it will not happen throughout the world.

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