A light bulb that charges phones: Should we stop inventing ways to be more dependent on phones?

  • Yes, society doesn't need to rely on cellphones any more than it does.

    Many people are dependent on the phone, some addicted to having it in their hands throughout the entire day. Inventing even more ways to create a dependency on the cellphone only further restricts human interaction through face to face communication. Plus there are so many ways already t o charge a phone it doesn't seem necessary.

  • Yes, I agree.

    A battery that can convert your body heat into electricity could lead to mobile phones capable of charging themselves while in your pocket.Engineers have tried to find all kinds of solutions to the world's energy problems, but perhaps the strangest is a device built by British engineers to capture the power of pee.
    They have created a fuel cell that uses bacteria to break down the liquid waste to generate electricity. They were then able to recharge a mobile phone by plugging it into the car battery sized device. What is next?!

  • That a way to be creative, Yes we should invent ways to be more dependent on phones

    Creating ways to be more dependent of phones means creating stuff that needs phone technology to work with in other to function in a smart way. For example, building IOT applications and technology will drive more dependent of phones, whereby every thing built we be operated through a smart phone. This way phones will be the largest technology ever built and sold. So inventing a new way to be dependent on phones is a way of creating cool stuff like IOT.

  • Phones a part of our lives.

    Phones are here to stay whether anyone likes it or not. It allows parents to reach their children and husbands to keep in touch with wives. They allow people in trouble to get help quickly. I see absolutely no reason to keep such an important device easier to charge. There is just no downside I can think of.

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