A local parent is filing a "bullying" complaint against the entire staff of a high school football team, after the team soundly beat his son's team...91 to 0. Is this a justified complaint?

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A local parent is filing a "bullying" complaint against the entire staff of a high school football team, after the team soundly beat his son's team...91 to 0. Is this a justified complaint?
  • Yes it is, its simple logic here

    Let me spell it out since you all seem confused..... 2 teams played each other, the final score was 91-0

    The team that scored 91 positively raped the team that didnt score at all

    One team raped the other team

    Rape is a form of bullying

    Therefore the parent is justified in filing a bullying report against the other school since they quite literally raped her son and his friends 91-0

  • Losing is good for you

    It shows you that other people are better than you. It shows you that there are things you need to work on. It introduces you to the concept of competition. It prevents you from being steamrolled when you enter the labor market as an adult. The benefits to losing are limitless.

  • Wow, that is a whiny son.

    You got to be kidding: either that son is a 6 year-old-babby or a whiner. I mean, unless the winning team trash talked to the losing team, was unsportsmanshiply, and cheated, there is no reason to be complaining. They beat the losing team, fair and square... Even if they won 49-0.

  • The coaching staff should show that pathetic parent what real bullying is like.

    Having first visited the sports equipment storage room and then woodworking classroom, the football coaching staff at the school he complained to should and go round to that feckless father’s house and show him the difference between getting beaten in a game of football and getting beaten up by a bunch of burly men carrying baseball bats with six-inch nails hammered through them.

    Maybe then he’ll think about blaming his son for being such a loser rather than blaming the winning team’s coaching staff for doing jobs and doing them well.

  • Its not bullying. If anything the coach of the losing team should be fired.

    He should be fired for not forfeiting and sparing his obviously outmatched team the embarrassment. Competitive sports teach important life lessons, one of the most important is how to lose gracefully.

    Such a complaint is baseless and an embarrassment not only to the idiot filing it, but to the children of said idiot.

  • Of course not. It is competition.

    The game is a competition. There are winners and there are losers. There are tight games and then there are lopsided games. The winning team did nothing wrong. They show that they are a much better them. Instead of filing nonsense complaint, take a look at your own team, and your son. Maybe they should not be playing football.

  • On the sore loser scale, this parent reaches the maximum limit, breaks through the roof, and continues into space

    Really? If I was the parent of a kid on the losing team I would be mad at my kid, not the other team. Obviously the other team was much better, and it was natural that they won, and by 91, which I applaud them. Go big or go home.

  • I disagree because...

    I disagree with the actions of this parent mostly because the student was not a victim of bullying, nor was the winning team playing the predator or bully in the situation. The parent is taking things too far. He/She needs to realize that his/her child's team should learn and grow from the experience. The team and its coaches should ask /why/ did they lose so horribly, and learn from the other teams offence and how to improve. The parent needs to realize that loosing isn't a bad thing.

  • This parent is the real loser.

    I feel sorry for his son. In sports you win some and you lose some, but its how you play the game. Poor kid has to live with the fact that his parent can't show any class when he loses a game. This parent shows that the woosification of American society is complete. If he can't handle his son getting beat, he just needs to have him quit now because it won't be the last time it happens . The parent needs to grow up.

  • People are dumb

    People are dumb, pure and simple. If you join competitive sports, your should probably expect to loose. Now in this particular case her sons team probably sucked, which resulted in them loosing, that isn't bullying, that's called loosing. She should look up the definition of bullying before she makes herself look like an idiot.

  • Don't start something you can't finish

    If the team that went scoreless wants to complain about getting beaten fairly by a truly better team, then they should stop playing football, at least against teams they know are a hundred times better. The other team could've showed mercy, but there is no obligation to do so, at least not one that justifies filing a bullying complaint.

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