A major earthquake struck Japan. Should the country be doing more to prepare?

  • Japan's earthquakes should warrant better responses

    Japan has suffered so many earthquakes that it is surprising that the country isn't better prepared. For example, after the most recent earthquake, tsunami warnings were removed far too quickly for peoples' health and safety. The government should recognize the severity of these earthquakes and respond accordingly otherwise their country is headed for doom.

  • Yes, i agree.

    This is very true and i strongly support that the country should be doing more to prepare. This is so because earthquakes are very unpredictable and they make major impacts to the environment. The major earthquake that struck Japan was a huge blow to the country. Therefore, we have to be prepare to avoid large impacts.

  • They have warnings.

    Since the tsunamis of several years ago, warning systems have gotten a lot better. These countries that are affected by earth quakes have better ways to warn the public. There is a point where nothing more can be done to protect the public from mother nature. They can only do as much as they can do.

  • No, I think they did it already.

    No country on Earth is better prepared than Japan to deal with earthquakes – or the tsunamis that result from them.Immediately after an earthquake strikes in Japan, all television and radio stations switch immediately to official earthquake coverage which informs the public of risks, including tsunamis to enable people to retreat to higher ground or, on the coast, purpose-built tsunami defence bunkers. For those trapped, all offices and many private houses in Japan have an earthquake emergency kits, including dry rations, drinking water, basic medical supplies. Offices and school also keep hard-hats and gloves for use in the event of a quake.

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