A majority of the people on this site are crazy, Trump supporting, religious, white, assholes

  • I bet you everything in my house

    Debate in general is already racist and unfair and stuff. Almost everyone I had to debate against was like this. Even though I use this site, other people use it when they live alone and have nothing to do all day so they troll people online and say offensive things. It's just sad.

  • Throw everything you want.

    This is downright compelling because debate sites like this one has allowed even those who continue to degrade social justice warriors like me. It's Donald Trump's fault for making America weak and he should apologize to every person. If they continue to say, "Drop your SJW bullcrap and come over into the real world. ", then they are really downright delusional and us, liberals, will continue to use the label game so long as this creep is OUT OF OFFICE!

  • Conservative Views on Social issues can not be legitimately defended.

    I respect everyone's views and beliefs, but some beliefs are not forgivable. There is a large number of people on this site with conservative social views, and the reason I can't respect this is because conservative social views directly come into conflict with the ideal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I don't think it's fair to categorize people based on their set of beliefs, but I've seen a lot of people commenting discriminatory opinions, and controversial beliefs. The reason I think that the site is so heavily right-winged is because many people with heavily right social views hide their opinions because their opinions are not seen as politically correct by a majority of the population, and they don't regularly have an open forum to express how they feel. I don't think that they are crazy or a-holes, but a majority of them are white, religious, trump supporters from a fairly privileged background. I think they have a right to have their own opinions, but many of their opinions are unfounded and have nothing to do with facts. These people are not stupid or crazy, but I think they must be misled to possess such hateful views on the world, and just as they have the right to express those views, I have the right to respectfully educate them. Also, I just realized I went on a tangent and I'm so sorry if you read it all the way through.

  • Yes i am white

    I am a strong white female who dont need no man i believe in iin in our lod and Savor trump and i am religious. I believe in you trump noteice and giev me taxes. Stupid word limi stupid word limi stupid word limi stupid word limi stupid word limi

  • An analysis of 18 people (on this page) says...

    Crazy:lllll ll - Not Crazy:lll - u/k:lllll lll

    Trump Supporting:lllll llll - Not Supporting:lllll - u/k:llll

    Religious:lll - Not Religious:lll - u/k:lllll lllll ll

    White:lllll - Not White:l - u/k:lllll lllll l

    Asshole:lllll lll - Not Asshole:llll - u/k:llll

    It looks like most people on this DEBATE are: Unknown, Trump Supporting, Unknown, Unknown, Assholes. 2 out of 5 but its close.

  • This site in infested

    It's very hard to avoid them as this website is infested with them. Their views are generally biased with little logic to back them. They refuse to listen to facts and it's clear who they are. So yes, the majority of the people on this site are like that. Sadly

  • Oh my Gosh.

    For Pete's sake, why do you liberals use the label game so much? Debate.Org is not racist lol. I'll need to see proof of that. Drop your SJW bullcrap and come over into the real world. There is a huge diversity in the beliefs of the people on this website, and if you can't see that, then you haven't gone deep enough into the site.

  • I agree basically with Arganger

    I believe that the majority of people on this sight are white. Is that a problem? Don't tell me the liberals have gone racist! I believe that many people on this site are also religious and Trump supporting (Hey, I am too). That is not a problem. However, the bit about calling the majority of people on this site "crazy" and "assholes" is entirely inaccurate. Especially if you call them these things because they are religious, white, or Trump supporting.

  • There is like two at most.

    I know there is one for sure, and if my horrific memory is right than one more as well, they are just loud. There are also radical liberals as well. Of course I'm not counting Trump supporting, religious, and white people that are more reasonable. Remember a differing opinion doesn't make someone crazy or evil.

  • Liberals are delusional in their racial arguments

    As shown on the other side, there is absolutely no articulation with regards to the idea that trump and his supporters are racists. I'm not even sure why I'm answering this question because it's a loaded question. Saying that all these groups of people are somehow interconnected is quite misleading. Hopefully, people can see past the insanity of the other side :)

  • One problem with that

    I don't support Trump l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l Roasted

  • Please Just Stop You Brainwashed Liberals

    You all need to stop acting delusional. Liberals always saying dumb stuff that is never based on facts or the truth. Why do people think Trump supports are crazy, racist, white people? I'm Hispanic and I'm a proud Trump Supporter. He doesn't have a problem with immigrants either, unless you are illegal. Just come to the US the right way or get into the process of becoming a citizen

  • I'm so confused lmao

    I'm liberal (well, middle-left) and I have no idea how this site is entitled as "racist"? And even if the majority of this site IS white people, how does it make it racist if fewer black people have joined? Your logic in labeling Debate.Org is very poorly put. Not to mention, why are you on here if you apparently hate it so much..?

  • Even if we were....

    This is the most self defeating idea. I don't think everyone on this site fits that description, and even if they did, what does that say about us? I would gladly be counted among the group that dominates a debating site, who're looking to challenge their opinions, are pursuing the truth, and don't believe things just cause they're told it.

    The author of the poll made this comment: "Debate in general is already racist and unfair and stuff." I didn't take this out of context or anything. Go read her comment under 'Yes.' This is possibly the dumbest shit I've ever read. "A marketplace of ideas for people to express different views and opinions in general is already racist and unfair and stuff." That's basically what she just said.

    You can't make this stuff up dude!

  • Nah nah nah

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  • You’re doing this to yourself

    Look, You can let these things get to your head so quickly and easily and automatically believe it because one person acted in such a disrespectful way. Just looking through your account proves that you put yourself into these negative situations and complain about them. A lot more of your recent debates/arguments have been politically fueled, And lot of them contradict your opinions. You seem to have s lot of interests outside of politics, Have you ever thought about using this sight to connect with other people that share your interests, Rather than step into a petty debate that just fuels your anger?

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