A man accused of breaking wind in a boy's face stands trial for child cruelty. Is the prosecutor abusing his power?

  • Laws are become crazy

    There are times when it seems that prosecutors are charging people with everything under the sun. Charging someone with cruelty because he had a bodily function it just crazy. Nobody was injured and no property was destroyed so how can a charge be filed. It seemed that this lawyer was just trying to get the man charged with anything possible.

  • Yes, it certainly seems that way.

    I don't have all the facts, but this seems like a huge waste of time and money. Breaking wind is a natural bodily function; everyone does it. There is no way that it should be a crime, regardless of the circumstances. There are much better uses of the courts and taxpayer money.

  • Yes, the prosecutor is abusing his power.

    Yes, the prosecutor is abusing his power because there is no way this should be seen as cruelty. People break wind in other people's faces as a joke. While it is not the nicest thing to do, a person should not face jail time or fines because of it. This makes no sense.

  • Yes, the prosecutor is engaging in an abuse of power.

    Yes, the prosecutor is engaging in an abuse of power. As a parent, if a stranger was able to get his or her posterior close enough to my child to break wind in their face maliciously, I would definitely submit a complaint. However, my son does this to his sister all of the time, and I just use it as a teachable moment on how to respect each other more.

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