A man was jailed 22 years for stealing a remote. Has the U.S. justice system gone off the rails?

  • U.S. justice system is of the rails

    The U.S. justice system has gone off the rails. A man was jailed 22 years merely for stealing a remote. Worse, he has to serve half before being eligible for parole. The crime does not fit the punishment. The was a convicted rapist that was sentenced to probation, and did not serve any jail time.

  • The US justice system needs reform

    It is not clear that the US Justice system has gone off the rails. However, the system does need reformed. There are way too many people in prison and many prison sentences are too harsh. It seems that if we are locking that many people away we need to take a look at ourselves and fix whatever is causing that many people to break the law.

  • Yes, but it was never really on the rails.

    There has never been a perfect justice system, and the U.S. justice system is no different. More and more of its shortcomings are being highlighted in recent years, so people are becoming more aware of the problems, but the system has never been very effective. The U.S. needs to look at what other countries with lower crime rates do and learn from them.

  • It's not his first offense

    Although I think that 22 years in prison is probably not the best answer for his crimes, the man was a serial thief. This isn't the only instance of stealing, and the sentence was handed down due to his many prior convictions. When someone shows a pattern of crime, something needs to be done to show the person that it isn't okay to continue that way. Maybe 22 years in prison isn't the best solution, but who is to say what is?

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