'A man who has nothing to fight for is not fit to live' Do you agree?

Asked by: Madgirl707
  • Yes, I agree.

    I agree with this statement because if a man has no purpose to be on this Earth, then why would he? We were put on this Earth to make the best of ourselves and be as successful as we can. To be successful means to put up a fight and stand up for what you believe in. If you have nothing to fight for, why be here?

  • That's encouraging suicide

    You're a sick individual. You don't care about young people at all who may feel lost or confused about things. You need to reevaluate the harshness by which you judge people, especially kids, because what are they supposed to have to fight for to begin with? They are only kids.

  • Life is about surviving

    Surviving is about patience and adapting. We will find reasons to fight when we find them. Its different for every person, for every leader. It may be family, pride, reputation, faith, hate or love. And then later on the reason my change and you acquire another reason. The outcome is the same. You survive. We survive.

  • No I completely disagree

    What gives anyone the isn't to decide whether or not a person should be able to live or not?! If they don't have anything to live for they can find something. They have a whole life ahead of them and evn if they still don't they should still enjoy living life as much as possible

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